Session Fees

Sessions with Dr. Brownlee

Sessions range from 60-90 minutes and depending on the unit of treatment (individual, couple, or family therapy), the type of therapy (EFT, EMDR), and your financial constraints, session fees can be flexible. Typically you can expect a session fee of around $200.00

Discounted rates for therapists in training:
As part of Dr. Brownlee’s commitment to growing clinicians, she has dedicated a portion of her practice to working with MFT, MSW and PCC trainees and associates. These sessions are purchased in packages of 5, and session goals are re-evaluated at the end of the package and we work together to determine if more sessions are needed. The general goals of sessions are to work with counter transference in your clinical work, help you navigate the challenges of learning therapy, managing the stress of graduate school and or internship, and generally improving your view of self, your ability to resource to safe others and utilize healthy coping skills. Sessions for practicum students and associates can be counted towards your BBS hours at a 3:1 ratio. Sessions are typically around $100.00.

Dr. Brownlee also holds retreats for MFT, MSW and PCC trainees and associates. These retreats are mind-body focused and offer 12 hours of group counseling with Dr. Brownlee and Tina Bell, LMFT #103370. For more information, please email Dr. Brownlee or go to our retreats home page for information about our next event.

Sessions with Associates:
Associates hold master’s degrees in couple and family therapy and each have an area of expertise. Please click on each associate’s page to learn more about them and their specific skills. Associates offer competitive rates for quality care, not only are they providing excellent clinical services in session, but they are often working outside of session to ensure that your treatment needs are met. For example, clinicians attend consultations and training in order to better prepare for clients, coordinate care with other providers, and offer referral services.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length, you may request 90-minute sessions for an additional fee.

  • Individual Session Fee: $130.00
  • Couple Session Fee: $150.00
  • Family Session Fee: $175.00
  • ​​​​​​​EMDR Sessions with Gwen: $150.00"
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