STRONGER TOGETHER Partnerships: A Shared Vision

When you work with Dr. Brownlee and her team, you are also accessing resources across the county. We partner with other professionals and companies that share our vision and work together to build strong communities.

Venture Active:
Dr. Brownlee and her team have partnered with Venture Active, multifaceted health, and wellness enterprise that creates customized recreational packages individuals, couples, groups, and businesses.

Together, we believe in whole-person wellness, for ALL. We are committed to bringing people together; bridging the gaps that divide us, and building communities that enhance relationships through our health and wellness.
Retreats with Venture Active:
Venture Active and Dr. Brownlee are so proud to share a common vision that supports individuals on their journey towards mental and physical health. We have come together to design programs like our “STRONGER TOGETHER: Survivor’s weekend” a retreat that empowers female survivors of domestic violence to push past their barriers, build a community, heal from past trauma, and grow towards a stronger future. We also partner together and facilitate couples therapy weekends, where relationships are pushed to their full potential through intensive couples therapy, physical challenges, and restorative practices like yoga and massage.

To learn more about Ciara and her Venture Active Team, please visit their site!

Tina Bell, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #103370:
Tina Bell has spent years working in community mental health programs, with foster youth and their families. Tina has particular expertise in childhood trauma and the impact of abuse. Tina skillfully navigates issues of abandonment, lack of trust, defiance toward authority figures, internalized or explicit anger and resentment issues, substance use, and low self-worth. Tina comes from Trauma-Informed Training and looks beyond symptoms to find the underlying negative view of self, attachment wounds, and other trauma that impact an individual’s ability to behave in healthy and connected ways.

Retreats with Tina:
Tina provides clinical support for the therapist in training retreats. Tina is authentic, grounded, insightful, and passionate about the work she does to support growing clinicians. Tina models authenticity in her work and understands the value of connection and support for growing therapists. Tina focuses on helping clients to look deeply inside of themselves and discover what they need to be fulfilled in this life.

To learn more about Tina, please visit her site! ​​​​​​​

Jessica Yaffa, Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Trainer​​​​​​​
Jessica Yaffa is an internationally-recognized healthy relationships expert, speaker, trainer, and coach. Having won multiple awards, and published two books, Jessica has been praised by the community, professionals, and the media alike.

As a survivor of extreme domestic violence, Jessica has spent nearly two decades studying, advocating, and teaching others about the dynamics of healthy relationships. Her message has spread around the globe, taking root right here in the US, and reaching as far as Iraq, South Africa, and London.

Allison and her team are honored to partner with such an influential leader in the field and bring together strong teams of relational experts who combine experience to provide a comprehensive treatment approach.

Retreats with Jessica:
Allison and Jessica partner together to facilitate the clinical portions of our domestic violence survivors retreats. Jessica is able to connect with our clients on a personal level, and help participants to accelerate their growth by offering experiential activities that focus on the view of self, self-esteem, boundaries in relationships and the continuum of healthy partnerships.

To learn more about Jessica and her team, please visit her site!

Ciara Guedesse, President and Founder of Venture Active​​​​​​​
Ciara is a personal trainer, yoga Instructor, climber, adventure guide, and an avid outdoor enthusiast who is dedicated to health and wellness. She is a vigorous fan of preventive medicine and deeply believes in practicing self-care. After many years of running an adventure and fitness company and seeing the mental and physical benefits she expanded her company into a wellness brand. Venture Active Healing offers a variety of services including water fitness (stand up paddleboarding, kayaking), rock climbing, personal training, adventure retreats (horseback trips), martial arts, massage, and holistic healing (reiki, breath works). Every day Venture Active helps people realize their best selves. To learn more about venture active, please visit their site at

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