Domestic Violence Survivors Retreat

Survivors Weekend

Empowering Women, TOGETHER

Our domestic violence survivor’s weekend is intended for women who have endured the physical and psychological impacts of abusive relationships. Our team of experts guide survivors through a series of experiential activities that increase self-confidence, enhance insight, build skills to navigate future relationships, and create a community of women who support one another throughout their healing journey. This is STRONGER TOGETHER in action!

We offer a unique and powerful mind/body approach to healing, that is designed to ensure our participants are well cared for and provided with rich experiences that facilitate growth and healing.

Over the course of the 3 day weekend, participants will engage in Breathworks, Yoga, Hiking, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (weather permitting). All activities are tailored to the individual’s physical abilities and offer a challenging yet supportive opportunity to maximize personal growth.

We have the opportunity to camp alongside San Diego’s BEAUTIFUL Mission Bay. This setting allows participants to build self-confidence by engaging in the challenges camp life; building tents, grilling meals on an open flame, sharing stories by the campfire, and building a community without the distraction of cell phones and laptops. Our team has selected a “campsite” retreat in order to help our participants feel at one with nature, themselves, and each other. All camping equipment, supplies, and food are provided for participants at this retreat.

In conjunction with our outdoor activities, our team of mental health professionals works alongside each member of the group to enhance participant’s ability to overcome challenges, increase awareness of the mind/body connection, and promote lasting psychological change.

The Survivor’s weekends are designed with YOU in mind; we require each participant to connect with one of our facilitators prior to registration so that we can ensure our weekends are personalized to the needs of the individuals and the group. We take pride in offering a weekend built from our years of professional experience and adapted to your needs.

Rates are set at $650 per person per weekend; returning clients are given a 10% discount. We also have some scholarships and sliding fee spots available.

We provide each participant with a welcome letter orienting you to the campsite, send out a packing list and a general outline for the weekend, and include an information packet that will introduce you to the amazing team of facilitators that are guiding your weekend.


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