Corporate Wellness

Companies that invest in the mental health and overall wellness will benefit from our program in a variety of ways. Some of the most important outcomes are: increased productivity, reduced burn out, better workplace morale and team work, and overall increase in workplace satisfaction and employee retention rates.

Dr. Brownlee has have partnered with Venture Active, a multifaceted health and wellness enterprise that creates customized recreational packages individuals, couples, groups, and businesses. Together, with Venture Active, Dr. Brownlee and her team have created a specialized program entitled “STRONGER TOGETHER: Women Empowering Women” this program is designed specifically to address the common issues that women face in high stress positions. Our passion for this program stems from our experiences with women lifting each other up, breaking down barriers, and thriving together for greatness.

Dr. Brownlee and her team of experts are trained in relational therapy and utilize their skills to break down barriers in the workplace and increase productivity. Our teams work with a variety of businesses, from small startups to well established corporations; we have an inclusive model that will benefit a staff of any size. We operate from a strengths based model and value the established strengths of each team we work with. Our programs are designed to enhance team cohesion, decrease conflict in the workplace, and help employees realize their full potential.

Venture Active and Dr. Brownlee are also committed to serving community agencies and nonprofit organizations. Our teams are dedicated to supporting those who support our most vulnerable populations. We are happy to provide discounts for any non-profit in the San Diego area. We have specialized programs focused on self-care and burnout prevention. We know how important it is to care for the caregiver!

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