Consultation for Therapists


Are you looking for individual consultation or group consultation at a reasonable cost? You’ve come to the right place. Dr. Brownlee is committed to training therapists and offering consultation with a growing clinician’s budget in mind. If you are an AMFT, ASW, or APCC and are interested in getting consultation from an attachment perspective please contact Dr. Brownlee to schedule a free 30-minute initial consult. Fit is key when it comes to consultation and Dr. Brownlee wants to ensure that all of her supervisees can benefit from the STRONGER TOGETHER consultation model. Supervisees will be asked to come prepared for the group or individual consultation sessions with a completed case presentation and are expected to be open and willing to learn. Supervisees must have their clients and primary supervisor sign a release of information in order to participate in STRONGER TOGETHER consultation. Video presentation is highly encouraged to maximize growth throughout the consultation experience.

What you can expect from STRONGER TOGETHER consultation:

  • Answers to your questions

  • Direct feedback

  • Exploratory conversations to identify blocks and find solutions

  • Support for your most difficult cases

  • A consultant who is Accessible, Responsive, and Engaged (A.R.E)

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Individual consultation sessions are offered on a sliding fee scale ranging between $50 and $75 per hour.

Group consultation sessions are scheduled with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 participants to ensure that supervisees are given ample opportunity to present cases and provide feedback to one another. Groups are 2 hours long and are $60.00 per person.

Please download and fill out the "Consultation For Therapist" forms below:

  • Client Consent Form Off-site Consultation

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