Therapy for Therapists

Therapy for Therapists

The goal of any therapist is to help their patients overcome the problems that they are facing. These problems can arise in a wide variety of forms and can include interpersonal issues with family, co-workers and friends, substance abuse problems, behavioral disorders, and more. 

Therapists are classified as mental health professionals. As such, they must complete significant education and training in order to successfully obtain a license to practice. This involves, at minimum, a master’s degree and a specific number of supervised clinical hours. This ensures that they have the experience that is required in order to be able to provide the quality support that their patients need and deserve. 

Dr. Allison Brownlee is passionate about the education of future therapists, teaching at both masters and doctoral levels in Couple and Family Therapy and Clinical Psychology programs. As part of her continued commitment to helping to bring quality therapists into practice, she has now partnered with Tina Bell, MA LMFT in order to provide an opportunity for these students to obtain the experience that they need in order to become fully qualified, licensed, and capable of delivering valuable therapy sessions to their future patients. This opportunity takes the form of therapy training retreats.  

Intensive therapy training retreats that are designed specifically for students and associates who have not yet finished their training and are currently completing hours towards licensure for various types of therapy, including: 

  • Marriage therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Clinical social work

  • Professional clinical counseling 

  • Furthering education 


In addition to fulfilling the supervised clinical hours required to become licensed, we also provide therapists with the opportunity to undertake further education and training to complement their basic qualifications and help make them better therapists. Here’s a summary of each of the areas we offer for the opportunity of further advancements. Please note that on completion of training, participants will be awarded the appropriate certification.


Training for Marriage and Family Therapy


Marriage and family therapy involves a variety of clinical services that focus on listening, assessing, and demonstrating practical interventions to improve the quality of life and relationships for couples, families, and groups. This also includes the diagnosis, assessment, and provision of crisis interventions as needed to provide support for each person involved in the therapy. In some cases, this may mean coordinating patient care with other professionals including psychologists, medical doctors, dieticians, teachers, and social care workers. 


Training for Clinical Social Work


Clinical social workers can have their own patients, or be employed by medical institutions, schools, or private clinics to offer help and support to patients. As part of clinical social work, therapists direct their patients towards resources that they can use to change and improve their own circumstances, rather than simply changing their own ways of coping with problems. For example, directing families towards affordable childcare, housing, and public benefits such as food stamps. 

Other duties that clinical social workers can potentially fulfill include:

  • Coordinating with authorities to remove children who may be vulnerable/in danger at home

  • Providing therapy to counter the damaging effects of abuse, or where necessary, referring to other mental health practitioners

  • Social development of students to enhance academic performance where their personal/familial circumstances may be inhibiting complications

  • Interventions to help those individuals who may be experiencing self-harming

  • Supporting individuals who may have suffered trauma in their lives that is affecting their current behavior

  • Helping patients adjust mentally and physically to the diagnosis of a chronic illness

  • Supporting patients transitioning between a hospital or assisted living to live at home and vice-versa



Professional Clinical Counseling


A professional clinical counselor works with individuals, families, or groups on a variety of mental health issues. This can mean anything from identifying and diagnosing depression to helping patients overcome self-harming or substance abuse problems. A professional clinical counselor helps patients get to the root of their behavior and develop effective, healthy coping strategies. There is a range of techniques that can be used to help with this, from cognitive behavior therapy to stress-reduction techniques. 



If you would like to find out about any of our intensive therapy training retreats or further education and training opportunities, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

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