Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Starting out in the mental health field is often intimidating and can leave you feeling isolated, especially when it feels like everyone around you knows what they are doing and you still have some questions about how to handle cases. Have you ever thought of getting help from a professional support system? If you have, then we should talk about getting the right person for the job.


Do You Need a Professional Mentor?


Also known as a consultant, a professional mentor is a vital asset for a new therapist’s career growth. This seasoned individual encourages, supports, and educates while enhancing the confidence and refining the skills of a new mental health therapist like you. A professional consultant discusses different techniques for interventions, aids therapists in overcoming your trials, and reviews your cases. When you become blocked or agitated by your clients, your professional mentor can help unblock you. 


Dr. Allison Brownlee Is the One You Need


Becoming a therapist can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time, years of education and training can be taxing and practicum and internship experiences can lead to burning out and compassion fatigue.  Dr. Brownlee understands that. She is passionate about helping therapists navigate their unique work-life balance in the midst of challenging clinical situations. 


Group Consultation


Group consultation is especially helpful if you find yourself feeling alone with no one to turn to. Dr. Brownlee creates safe environments, where clinicians can come together and support one another. Dr. Brownlee guides clinicians to find solutions to problematic situations and offer an atmosphere of collaboration and a professional community. 


Individual Consultation


Dr. Brownlee can work with you individually to fine-tune your skills as a therapist. In individual consultation, Dr. Brownlee will review your cases, provide support from an attachment perspective, review videos, support with case conceptualization, and provide general feedback to enhance your work with clients. 


Why You Should Choose Dr. Brownlee

  • Dr. Brownlee understands the challenges of community mental health work,  the struggles of private practice, and distress related to working with crisis populations. 

  • Provides you with emotional support when you’re starting to become overwhelmed Offers real solutions to counselor’s most difficult problems 

  • Supports clinicians as they work with escalated couples and families and provides therapists with straightforward guidance, interventions, and tools to handle challenging cases 


Dr. Brownlee believes that all therapists should have support and guidance when they are feeling lost, confused, or anxious about cases.  Please reach out to Dr. Brownlee at (858) 239-0975 for more information about the specific support that she can provide to you! 

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