Benefits of Therapy for Anxiety

Benefits of Therapy for Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you aren’t alone. It is one of the most common mental health issues affecting both adults and children alike. Anxiety is not a single condition with just one underlying cause. In fact, there are a variety of types of anxiety, each with its own triggers. Some of the most common types of anxiety include the following:


Social Anxiety


Lots of people suffer from social anxiety, which can have a very real effect on their ability to form and sustain friendships and personal relationships. Social anxiety usually stems from deep-rooted worries about what other people think of them. They worry about their actions being judged, about being misunderstood, or about them misunderstanding a situation and not ready social cues. They may over-analyze other people’s words and body language, which can cause them to read too much into them and jump to the wrong conclusions. They may also be too scared to share their own thoughts and opinions, for fear of being rejected.


Panic Attacks


Also known as panic disorder, this type of anxiety is characterized by episodes of uncontrollable anxiety that make it impossible for the sufferer to function at the same time. Panic attacks typically cause a racing heart, chest tightness and pain, and breathing problems. A panic attack can last from a few seconds to as much as an hour, and every panic attack is different.


Generalized Anxiety


The most common type of anxiety, it can affect people of any age or gender, and of any socio-economic background. This type of anxiety can be based around a specific problem or event, such as tension at work or being in a volatile relationship. This type of generalized anxiety can cause the sufferer to feel as though they are ‘on edge’ all the time, and they find it hard to relax. They may jump to conclusions, overreact and be hypersensitive when compared to someone who doesn’t suffer from anxiety.


Causes of Anxiety


Anxiety can be caused by many different things. Some people even find that their anxiety is triggered by more than one cause. Some of the most common anxiety triggers include:


  • Stress, either in personal relationships or at work

  • Financial problems

  • Emotional trauma

  • Being unable to perform compulsive behaviors (OCD)

  • Drug or alcohol abuse

  • Exams

  • Illness

  • Phobias

  • Talking to strangers 


What are the Benefits of Therapy for Anxiety?


Therapy can be useful to help patients with many different mental health conditions including anxiety. Therapists are specifically trained to help you discover the underlying causes of your worries and fears, and look at situations in new, less frightening ways so that you can cope with them more effectively. This will make your day-to-day life easier and more fulfilling.


Many people with anxiety are worried about talking to a therapist, and it can be difficult to get past this initial hurdle. They may be frightened to open up for fear of judgment or worry that their therapist won’t understand them. However, your therapist is completely impartial and anything that is said in the session is completely confidential. It is a safe space for you to express any emotions that you wish, to express your frustrations or worries, and to explain how they are affecting your day-to-day life.


 One of the techniques that your therapist may use is known as cognitive behavior therapy or CBT for short. CBT is a well-known technique for managing issues that can cause episodes of anxiety. It works by helping you to change the way in which you feel, think, behave and respond to the triggers of your anxiety so that you have better control over them.


There is no quick fix for anxiety, and most patients need several sessions with their therapist to help them to establish the tools that they will use to take charge of their responses and overcome their anxiety. Your therapist will be able to advise you on how many initial sessions you will need, and this will be kept under review as you progress with your therapy.


Learn more about the benefits of therapy for anxiety, contact Dr. Allison Brownlee and Associates in San Diego, CA at (858) 239-0975.

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